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Him: “So you unfriended me… Have I ever told you what to wear or not to wear? What I was saying was being twisted…”

Me: “I am not talking to you. I never wanted to, not going to start now. Have a nice fucking life.”

AKA That time on Facebook when some uppity douchebag cosplayer decided to demonstrate how much of a psychopath he is and everybody mauled him all at once. Blocking out the names out of respect for my friends, not blocking out me or him because fuck it.

Fuck this douchebag.

Potential Rapist warning.

If you encounter this man at a con, get the fuck away from him.

Signal boosting this for any con-goers.

Stay away from this DBag in the first screencapped comments. He is not just some brat with a computer to make nasty comments, he is a potential threat.

I don’t need to remind everyone alike to be constantly aware when you’re at a convention.

Also, it was nice to re-read some of my own commentary on this post. I am so proud of myself for telling it like it is, but that’s besides the point here.

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